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Pre-Service Days

Pre-Service Training 
Gadsden Elementary School District #32 hosts a three-day pre-service professional development event for all teachers in the district. The three-day event is full of new learning opportunities that promote best teaching practices aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and district adopted curriculum and programs.
During the Pre-Service Training days, teachers are able to participate in a variety of sessions that are strategically planned to best fit the needs of teachers and students across the district. It is an opportunity for teachers to take away new learning that will enhance the teaching and learning experience for all and increase student achievement. 
Our goal at Gadsden Elementary School District #32 is to provide high quality training opportunities for all teachers to enhance teaching and learning opportunities across the district. 
The presenters for the Pre-Service Training include: 
  • Wilda Storm, Write Up A Storm 
  • WUAS Consultants, Write Up A Storm 
  • Laura Jauron, Achieve 3000 
  • Special Education Department 
  • Professional Development Department 
2019 Pre-Service Days
Day 1: TBA
Day 2: TBA 
Day 3: TBA 
Time: TBA
Location: Southwest Junior High School - 963 N. 8th Avenue San Luis, Arizona 85349 
More information coming soon!
Teachers can access 301 Training materials here