Gadsden Elementary School District #32

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Transportation » General Information

General Information

All Concord students in kindergarten through grade 5 who live more than seven-tenths of a mile from school and who reside within the Concord School district have bus transportation directly to and from school. (Students living closer could be bussed if a walk would involve hazardous roadways.) Open enrollment students from other districts and students who live seven-tenths of a mile or less from school must furnish their own transportation.

Kindergarten Students
Morning kindergarten students ride to school with older students at the beginning of the school day and return home on a bus for kindergartners only; afternoon kindergarten students are bused to school on a bus for kindergartners only and return home with the rest of the students at the end of the school day.

Seating Assignments
Bus assignments are mailed to students on postcards by the end of August each year. If you do not receive an assignment or have questions about a route, please call the Transportation Department at (952) 848-4979. During the first two weeks of school, the bus drivers will ask riders to indicate their preferences for seating assignments. He/she will then create a reserved seating assignment for all students. Working with the students on the bus, the driver will periodically rearrange the reserved seating assignments.

Going Home With a Friend--AKA Rider Transfers
Because of the large numbers of students on each bus, it has become necessary to eliminate rider transfers--students who are not regularly scheduled to ride that bus. The Transportation Safety Advisory Committee has made this recommendation for the safety of each student and to ensure that each student has a seat on the bus. State law mandates that ridership on a bus not exceed its capacity and many Edina buses operate at capacity. The primary objective is to prevent social activity rider transfers. This means that students will not be permitted to ride on another bus unless it is necessary for purposes (i.e. child care needs) that have been preapproved by the Supervisor of Transportation. Our goal is to provide a safe and effective transportation service, not to complicate transportation situations for families.

Bus Stops
Bus drivers attempt to adhere closely to the printed times for stops but weather and traffic can create some variability. Students are urged to arrive at bus stops no more than five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

Walkers are expected to use extreme care in walking to school. They are asked to arrive at school no sooner than ten minutes before the start of the school day. This is asked of those students who ride bicycles or are driven to school as well.

Driving Your Child To Or From School
During School Hours
When picking up or dropping off your child during school hours, use the WEST side (upper parking lot). Remember, all doors except the one nearest the office are locked during school hours. Also, you need to sign your child in and out in the office when your child is leaving or returning to the building during school hours.

For safety reasons, no cars are allowed on the playground during school hours.
Before and After School
Please refer to the diagram that follows.

If you are driving your child to or from school at the beginning or end of school hours, use the EAST side of the school only (lower parking lot near the playground). This area is marked with arrows.

Follow the yellow arrows in a circular path. If you are the first car in line, stop parallel to the building and wait for your child. Leave a walking path around the outside of the parking lot.

Your child will walk to your car while you wait in line. The students have been instructed not to walk through the line of waiting cars to parked cars, so please don't ask your children to do this unless you accompany them.

Pull out of the pick up lane AFTER your child is in the car. Proceed to the exit.

If the car in front of you leaves, pull up to fill in the gap.

If you need to park your car and leave it, use the inside spaces. DO NOT PARK IN THE PICK UP LANE OR IN THE PEDESTRIAN WALKING PATH. Please do not use the parking spaces assigned to staff members.

Please drive carefully and watch for pedestrians.

Bicycle Riders
Bicycles should be parked in the bicycle racks located on the southeast side of the school. Bikes need to have locks and all students are to stay away from the bike racks during school hours.

In-Line Skates and Skateboards
In-line skates should be put on and removed at the edge of school grounds using the benches located on the east side of the lower parking lot by the bridge. In-line skates may be stored in student lockers during the school day. Skateboards are not to be used on school grounds.

Safety Patrol
Concord's Safety Patrol is a service activity open to all fourth and fifth grade students. They provide crossing supervision at street corners near the school and are under the direction of a teacher and paraprofessional. Participants are usually scheduled for a week at a time, rotating on a three week schedule. They must arrive early or stay late in order to provide this service. When the air temperature is -20° F or the Wind Chill Index is -30°F, we will not send the safety patrols out due to concerns for their safety.