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Social-Emotional Support

Supporting our student's mental health as they return to school during COVID-19

This period in time, shut into our homes, has really challenged people to be shut into themselves, and some of the things emerging are not comfortable. Some students will struggle to re-socialize and will need to relearn structure.  All of their needs will be unique and a challenge so before we assume our students or even our staff are ready to return to a “normal” routine, we must be sensitive to the fact that what once was normal no longer exists in this new context.  That there is a need to reacquaint ourselves, process what has and is happening, and slowly develop the new normal because this pandemic’s disruption laid deeper roots than we will know.  Its lasting effects are still a mystery, but as educators are in a position to nurture our students and each other on an emotional level by connecting, listening, and rebuilding the one thing that will never change—the power of relationships in the classroom.



In combination with the support of our school counselor's these back-to-school resources are designed to help our students, family, and staff members to have a healthy and emotionally stable school year.


How parents can help their children navigate their feelings during school reopening.


Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus: For parents, prioritizing your own well-being benefits your whole family


El autocuidado en los tiempos del coronavirus: Dar prioridad a su propio bienestar beneficia a toda su familia.


Preparing your kids for the new school year during COVID-19.