Gadsden Elementary School District #32

From Wild West to Nation's Best!!!  An Early College Elementary School District

"A" Celebration Cesar Chavez Elementary 

"A" Celebration Arizona Desert Elementary 

"A" Celebration Gadsden Elementary School 

"A" Ed Pastor Elementary 

"A"Celebration Rio Colorado Elementary 

"A" Celebration Southwest Junior High 

"A" Celebration San Luis Middle School 

"A" Celebration/ Dr. Daniel P. Corr, AWC President

"A" Celebration/ Mr. Tony Reyes, State Board Of Supervisors

"A" Celebration/ Mr. Tom Tyree, Yuma County Superintendent

"A" Celebration Gadsden Marching Band 

"A" Celebration Jazz Band 

"A" Celebration Mariachi Gadsden 

"A" Celebration Folkloric Group 

"A" Celebration Casabel Norteño & Folkloric Group 

"A" Celebration 

"A" Celebration 

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure high quality educational programs by providing each student with the skills necessary to contribute to our society and to successfully compete in the global economy.  We will accomplish this by emphasizing the development of both academic and social skills.