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Reporting Absences

Report your child's absence each day your child is ill by calling the attendance line at the school. Please report the reason for the absence. If your child is ill, report the symptoms and/or any diagnosed communicable condition.

 Please contact the school Health Office if your child has any injury or illness that will require modifications in his/her school day, prior to returning to school.

Contacting Parent/Guardian

  • If your child/adolescent becomes ill at school and needs to go home, Health Service staff will attempt to contact a parent/guardian.
  • The emergency contact on the Student Health Information Sheet will be contacted if we feel your child needs to go home and we are unable to reach a parent/guardian.
  • Your child will NOT be allowed to leave school without contacting an adult.
  • Please update the health office with any changes in these contacts.


  • If your child misses three or more days, please contact individual teachers via voicemail or email for homework or homework questions.
  • Homebound instruction may be requested after a three week absence.

Should my Child Stay Home from School?

Parents and students frequently have questions about when it is appropriate to stay home from school because of illness. Please follow these guidelines:

  • If your child has had a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours.
  • If your child has vomited within the past 24 hours.
  • Having your child at school would significantly put others at risk for contracting your child's illness.
  • If your child feels ill enough that he/she would not be able to benefit from being at school.
  • Please contact your school's health office if you have questions.

monicaMrs. Monica Vargas

E: [email protected]

P: (928) 722-7117

Please contact your child's school directly:

Carmen Gutierrez
P: (928)627-6901
Alejandra Fonseca
P: (928)627-6974
Claudia Guerrero
P: (928) 627-6944
Dora Fraijo
E: [email protected] P: (928)627-6586
Elvira Anguiano
P: (928)627-6933
Yadira Luera
E: [email protected] P: (928)627-6987
Juanita Cortes
E: [email protected] P: (928)627-6954
Anais Parra-Gonzalez
P: (928)627-6916
Olivia Galvan
E: [email protected] P: (928)722-7008