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Why Choose Gadsden ESD #32

Health and Wellness Program
The Gadsden ESD #32 has a partnership with 24/7 Gym which helps employees to reach their health and wellness goals by reimbursing your gym monthly payment if you go consistently for 3 or more days a week. We also have a partnership with Sunset Health where they come in and check our employees blood pressure, their sugar intake, as well as provide them with useful tools to ensure that they are on the right track. 
Programs Our District Offers:
21st Century Academic Enrichment Program
Music Program
Migrant Education Program
Visual Arts Academy
Early College Program
Gardening Clubs
At the Gadsden ESD has a very diverse music program. We offer our students the Gadsden ESD Marching Band, Estrella Norteño, La Banda Sinaloense, Mariachi Gadsden, Jazz Band, Gadsden Folkloric and Preschool Folkloric, and the Gadsden ESD Marching Band Dance Team. 
We have our Marching band, which consists of 3rd-8th graders and is brought together by different teachers all lead by Mr. Jesus Quintero. 
marching bandstudentsstudents
We also have our Grupo Norteño, which is Estrella Norteño initiated in the year 2022 and led by Mr. Miguel Hernandez. This group consists of 4 different instruments, the guitar, the drums, the accordion, and the bass.  
La Banda Sinaloense is led by Mr. Martin Peralta Sr. originated in San Luis Middle School this group is loud and all our students enjoy being a part of such a cultural group. The Banda Sinaloense is a Mexican style music and the musical ensemble in which wind instruments, mostly of brass, and percussion are performed. The instruments involve clarinets, trumpets, trombones, drums, EB alto horns, and sousaphone. 
bandabandala banda
Mariachi Gadsden has been in our district for more than 20 years. Schools offer guitar and violin classes and in order to join you must have been in beginning Mariachi for 2 years in the elementary school. These students range from 3rd-8th grade. This group is currently led by Ms. Natalia Lopez and Mr. David Castro. 
The Jazz Band is a unique and dynamic genre originated in the African-American Communities of Southern USA. It is characterized by its improvisational nature, syncopated rhythms, and blues and swing influences. This group consists of 7th and 8th grade students originated at Southwest Jr. High School.
The Folkloric Dance Group has been led by Mrs. Enneth Castaños for over 17 years. This group has group so much that she has started to host auditions every start of the year. There are different groups within, we have our preschoolers, kindergarten, beginning and advanced Folkloric.
folkloricsmall folkloricstudents
The Marching band had every instrument to sound amazing, but it was missing something, and they have decided to integrate, the Gadsden ESD Marching Band Dance Team. It has bee in our district for more than15 years and students from 4th-8th grade can participate, they are a great addition to the marching band.
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The Early College Program provides educational experiences to help students reach their highest academic potential early in their academic path.
Mission statement:
The Early College Program provides various alternative student-centered strategic platforms to an early head start for college. The Gadsden ESD #32 offers program opportunities through innovative partnerships with our community college, state universities, American College Test (ACT) initiatives, ACT prep programs (American College Test and the Advanced ACT Math After School Tutoring), and with the Center for Talented Youth Program at John Hopkins University. 
Early College Program Alumni: