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Purchasing is responsible for developing and administering consistent, fair and effective purchasing practices while providing service to all Gadsden Elementary School District schools and departments.


Our goal is to obtain the maximum value for every dollar spent while complying with the procurement policies set forth by the GESD#32 Governing Board, State Board of Education Procurement Rules, Uniform System of Financial Records and Arizona Revised Statutes.

Formal Procurements:

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-213 authorized the State Board of Education to submit rules to the Auditor General.  The Arizona School District Procurement rules apply to purchases above the bid threshold (currently $100,000.00)


Written Quote Requirements:

The Auditor-General is responsible for establishing rules for purchasing below the bid threshold and other general procurement matters.  These rules for purchasing below the bid threshold are found in the Uniform System of Financial Records (USFR) within Section VI.G. "Expenditures" under "Procurement."


A school district may adopt stronger or more restrictive language, but cannot adopt policies that dilute this code.

A purchase order issued by the Gadsden Elementary School District #32 Business Department is the only valid procurement contract for our school district.

Until such time that a Purchase Order has been issued, your firm has not contracted with Gadsden Elementary School District #32.

To register as a Prospective Bidder for Gadsden Elementary School District #32 and to see all current and former solicitations, please visit: http://www.azpurchasing.org


Margarita Dominguez- Purchasing Fixed Assets Coordinator

(928) 627-6546

[email protected]