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Gifted & Talented Education

Mission Statement 

The Gifted Program's mission is to ensure that all gifted students are offered high quality educational programs that will provide students with a variety of learning experiences that will prepare them to compete in a modern day global economy. 

 Gadsden Elementary School District's goal is to ensure that all gifted educators are appropriately certified and continually trained to provide learning experiences that:

  • Provide students with opportunities for learning that maximize each student's abilities;
  • Assist and encourage students to acquire skills and understanding at advanced academic and creative levels;
  • Aid students in expanding their abilities to communicate and apply their ideas effectively; 
  • Encourage enthusiasm for learning.

AZCCRS Integration 

The Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) are the foundation for all district programs. All district Gifted Coordinators are trained in the AzCCRS and implement these regularly in their instruction. Modifications are made to the district adopted curriculum through curriculum mapping, vertical articulation activities, and professional development in order to ensure that gifted students show mastery of grade level standards.

Asynchronous Development 

Gifted children vary in their abilities and often their patterns of growth differ from their age peers.


Teachers can access Gifted program information on the GESD Intranet by clicking here