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District Goals

  1. Establish district wide safety protocols to maintain a safe learning environment for all with the assistance of Law Enforcement and other agencies.
  2. To maintain models for the safe opening of schools according to CDC and County Health Department guidelines.
  3. Schools will continue to improve towards achieving an A.
  4. Recruitment efforts will continue for all classrooms to have an appropriate certified teacher.
  5. Increase English language proficiency for 100% of our students.
  6. Continue competitive academic and extracurricular activities within the district.
  7. Continue recognition programs for all students, employees, community members, and local partnerships.
  8. Governing Board Members will continue participation in school functions.
  9. Continue to explore innovations and expand opportunities in technology.
  10. Promote positive, responsible, and ethical social media behavior for everyone.
  11. To offer individualized support and strategies to promote equity for all schools.