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Welcome to the Food Service Department

Mission & Vision

SFE is proud to partner with Gadsden Elementary School District with the mission of enhancing your children's quality of life through fresh and wholesome food, a strong focus on nutrition, and unparalleled customer service.

Gadsden Elementary School District participates in the national school breakfast and lunch program. This program provides all students in our schools with Free Breakfast and Lunch throughout the week.

Menus at Gadsden ESD are planned using the Assisted Nutrient Standard Menu Planning System. The district offers a variety of meal choices and guarantees all menus meet federal and state nutritional standards. We work to keep sodium, fat, and cholesterol low and fiber, vitamins, and minerals high while still offering foods that kids love. Beyond nutrients, you will notice whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every day we offer three entrée choices at lunch. Every child also has the option of fat free or 1% milk and a trip through the salad/fruit bar. As part of encouraging healthy eating and activity, we supply nutrition education on the back of each month’s menu and encourage our students to “pick five” every day.


Always at your service,

Food Service Department