News Release-Gadsden Elementary School District #32 Early College Program Offers Students a Head Start on Higher Education

Gadsden Elementary School District #32 Early College Program Offers Students a Head Start on Higher Education


SAN LUIS, AZ— Gadsden Elementary School District #32 is excited to feature the Early College Program since 2007. The program offers unique academic opportunities for advanced learners through innovative partnerships with our community colleges, state universities, American College Test (ACT) initiatives, ACT prep programs (ACT and Advanced ACT Math Afterschool Tutoring), the ASU Barrett Summer Scholars Program, and with the Center of Talented Youth Program at John Hopkins University.

The Early College Program is open to motivated and academically driven students who are eager to challenge themselves and take advantage of the benefits of early college enrollment. By participating in this program, students will have the chance to experience college-level coursework, gain valuable academic skills, and explore potential career paths. 

Gadsden ESD #32 will offer Math and English college courses that can be taken during regular school hours or after school. These courses will be taught by qualified instructors who are experts in their respective fields. This year we have a total of 370 students enrolled, they range from 5th graders up to 8th graders. 

“The program is targeted to help advanced learners,” states Mr. Homero Chavez Director of the Early College Program. “When we compare our students with other ethnicities our groups are at a disadvantage, there is an ‘excellence gap.’ “Excellence gaps” are the disparities in advanced academic performance that exist between student groups. These gaps have important implications for both academic equity and American economic competitiveness, as the most lucrative jobs often go to those who perform at the highest levels. Our goal is to shorten that gap so that everyone is equally compared, we are trying to build a wider, more diverse pipeline for advanced learners.”

Participating in an early college program has been shown to have numerous advantages for students. Research indicates that students who take college courses while in middle school are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in college, and complete their degrees on time. They also tend to perform better academically in college compared to their peers who did not participate in such programs.

By offering an Early College Program, Gadsden ESD #32 is taking a proactive approach towards empowering its students and equipping them with the necessary tools for success in higher education and beyond.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Brianda Reynoso at [email protected] or 928.627.6551.