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Write Up A Storm

Write Up A Storm
Gadsden Elementary School District #32 has worked with Wilda Storm and the rest of her Write Up A Storm team for several years. The Write Up A Storm team provides professional development and classroom support for all of our kindergarten through eighth grade teachers across content areas including: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary Development, Oral Language, and Math. The strategies and instructional practices that are presented to teachers are aligned to the district adopted curriculum and the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.  
The Write Up A Storm consultants visit the district six times a year to provide individualized support at each site. Additionally, during the visits the team provides content specific professional development sessions district-wide on Monday afternoons. The content and strategies presented during Monday PDs are based on teacher and student data. The goal of the WUAS Team and GESD #32 is to ensure that all teachers are provided with the strategies, content knowledge, and resources needed in order to best support our students. 
Write Up A Storm Team
    • Wilda Storm, 2-8 English Language Arts & 7-8 Science and Social Studies 
    • Brittany Callahan, 2-8 New Teacher Support 
    • Nora Acosta, K-1 English Language Arts Support 
    • Scott Woodward, 3-6 Math Support
    • Athalean Gee, 7-8 Math Support