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TAP Instructional Rubric

TAP Rubric 
Teacher effectiveness and impact on students is measured using the TAP Instructional Rubric, which is based on a set of standards that promote best teaching practices across all content areas. Teachers are evaluated at least three times a year through announced and unannounced observations conducted by administrators, master teachers, and mentor teachers. All evaluations are followed by a post-conference session between the observer and the teacher observed to discuss reinforcements and refinements that are aimed to both celebrate and support the teacher professionally. 
The following Teaching Skills, Knowledge, and Professionalism Standards are the four main domains of the TAP Instructional Rubric. Each of the domains contains indicators that are used to identify the levels of teacher effectiveness during classroom observations and teacher evaluations. 
  1. Standards and Objectives
  2. Motivating Students 
  3. Presenting Instructional Content 
  4. Lesson Structure and Pacing 
  5. Activities and Materials 
  6. Questioning 
  7. Academic Feedback 
  8. Grouping Students 
  9. Teacher Content Knowledge 
  10. Teacher Knowledge of Students 
  11. Thinking
  12. Problem Solving 
  1. Expectations
  2. Managing Student Behavior
  3. Environment 
  4. Respectful Culture 
  1. Instructional Plans 
  2. Student Work 
  3. Assessment 
  1. Growing and Developing Professionally 
  2. Reflecting on Teaching
  3. Community Involvement 
  4. School Responsibilities 
For the complete rubric, please refer to the TAP Resources on this page. 
TAP Teacher Portal 
Teacher observation data and resources are available through the EE PASS portal, a tool that provides an overview of the TAP System and evaluation process for active users. Through the portal teachers also have access to training modules, an extensive video library, and other training resources and documents.
Here is a detailed description of the EE PASS Portal features provided by NIET:
    1. Video Library - A searchable collection of more than 100 hours of professionally filmed classroom lessons and other TAP footage. HD videos are displayed in split screen for easy observation of both teacher and students.

    2. Training Modules - Interactive and user-directed training experience based on the indicators of the TAP Rubric (Teaching Skills, Knowledge and Responsibilities Performance Standards) and other topics that can be used to enhance TAP expertise.

    3. Strategies Library - More than 300 proven teacher- and student-centered strategies from teachers across the country. Each of the library’s more than 3,000 documents is thoroughly vetted by expert master teachers.

    4. Summer Institute & Conference Trainings - Categorized and searchable presentations, video clips and associated materials from all TAP Summer Institute (TSI) and National TAP Conference training sessions.

    5. Evaluation Process Tools - Comprehensive tools to assist in the implementation of TAP's integrated system of teacher evaluation and support.

    6. Professional Development Resources - Specialized resources practitioners need to effectively implement TAP's system of ongoing, job-embedded, collaborative, student-centered expert-led professional development. Document Library system of ongoing, job embedded, collaborative, student-centered expert-led professional development.

    7. Document Library - Easy-to-access publications including the TAP Implementation Manual, TAP Evaluation and Compensation (TEC) Guide and TAP Leadership Handbook.